Best of Joy Infusion: Elders

Joy InfusionHost and producer Michele Fire-River Heart shares with you the wisdom and stories from three of our Gabriola elders.

Grandfather Ken Holden a Metis Elder, who along with his wife Marianne Auger, shares their knowledge of Metis history, herbs and personal life experiences. Then Jean McLaren one of the original Raging Grannies. She’s an activist with hope, an artist, a singer and one of the happiest elders you’ll ever have the fortune to hear.

Then a chat with Jamie Lawrence, about some of the experiences, he and his wife Sally had as they co-created and amazing lifetime together. From the Chilkoot trail, to sailing around the world, his stories reveal a lifetime of exciting exploration. First posted Dec. 31, 2013.

Best of Arrhythmia: Cats Alive – A Non-Profit That Cares For Cats

ArrhythmiaHost Michael Mehta learns more about the important work of a local organization, Cats Alive.

Since 1996, Cats Alive volunteers on Gabriola Island, British Columbia, have been working tirelessly to love and care for cats in distress.

You will hear from people involved in Cats Alive and learn about their challenges, successes and dreams. Michael speaks with volunteers Debra Shogan and Jean Wyenberg and also Sabina Montgomery-Swan and her 9-year old daughter Samantha. Sabina’s family adopted recently two cats and share their experiences.

You will also hear from Cats Alive volunteer Liz Ciocea. First posted Nov. 17, 2013.

Encore Episode: Bookmobile, Ep. 5 — The Trouble With Poets

Naomi WakanIn the final episode of “Bookmobile,” Gabriola Island poet and essayist Naomi Wakan (also Nanaimo’s first Poet Laureate) offers her thoughts on what poetry is and does — or should do. We also get to hear more of her own work than, modestly, she has included before. Music: John Field’s Nocturne No. 5 in Bb, George Gao performing “Galloping Horses” in concert, and the Carolina Chocolate Drops “Cornbread and Butter Beans.” “Now that’s a sensible, everyday topic for a poem,” says Naomi. First posted Nov. 10, 2014.

Best of Arrhythmia: Marine Conservation and Community-Level Decision-Making

ArrhythmiaHost Michael Mehta explores with guests a series of questions and issues surrounding local control of marine resources.

Topics include commercial harvesting practices of geoducks (also called the elephant trunk clam) and possible ecosystem impacts, oyster and clam harvesting by individuals and groups holding recreational tidal licenses, community empowerment and responsibility, and the role of marine conservation areas.

Guests include Sheila Nyman, John Campbell, and Sheila Malcolmson (Chair of the Islands Trust Council and Trustee for Gabriola Island).

* “The Gooey Duck” song by Fred Penner, Konzak/Elfendahl, Skyview Music Corporation, Fred Penner’s Place CD.

Arrhythmia’s theme music by Victor Anthony and logo by Michele Fire-River Heart. First posted Sept. 9, 2013.

Encore Episode: Bookmobile, Ep. 4 — Gardening and Gardening Books

Naomi Wakan

In Episode 4, Gabriola poet and essayist Naomi Wakan (also Nanaimo’s first Poet Laureate) takes her spade to the subject of gardening, reads some gardening poetry by herself and others, and recommends some of her favourite books on the subject. With music by Pete Seeger, Gabriola’s Alison Humphries, and Simon and Garfunkel. Special thanks to Nathan Tinkham for recording this episode. First posted Oct. 8, 2014.

Best of Arrhythmia: Intuitive Living and the Spiritual Journey


Host Michael Mehta explores with guests questions around spirituality, intuition, shamanism, indigenous knowledge systems, and how to find balance in your life.

Guests include Dorothy Engst and Michele Fire-River Heart.

Arrhythmia’s theme music by Victor Anthony and logo by Michele Fire-River Heart.

“Tell it” (The Gabriola Co-op Radio) song by Leah Hokanson and Bill Miner. First posted Aug. 28, 2013.

Encore Episode: Bookmobile, Ep. 2 – Travel Writing

Naomi Wakan
In Episode 2 of Bookmobile, Gabriola Island, BC poet and essayist Naomi Wakan considers the joys and hazards of traveling — and of writing about it once you you’re home. Naomi’s own heartfelt account of a trip to Burma, and some downhome road music, round out the show. First posted July 18, 2014.

Best of Arrhythmia: Aging on an island

“Topics that will make your heart skip a beat — or at least flutter a little.” Host Michael Mehta interviews guests Aileen Adam, Maggie Mooney from People For A Healthy Community, Marianne Mattes, and June Soper. The poetry of Naomi Wakan is also profiled. Music by Victor Anthony. Originally posted on August 2, 2013.

Encore Presentation: The Farmer’s Table, Ep. 9 – Heirloom Seeds, Heritage Breeds

The Farmer's TableHosts Alexandria Stuart and Sean Enns talk to heirloom seed growers and heritage livestock breeders about the importance of maintaining our agricultural heritage. Next, a visit with Katie Massy and Dion Pepper-Smith of Gabriola’s Heart and Soil Organics. And finally, in The Last Word, Sean offers some thoughts on the importance of heirloom seeds and heritage breeds. First posted June, 2014. Learn more at